Make the most of your trip

Used as a business tool, it helps you to efficiently arrange meetings with your contacts or customers and to optimise your travel time by showing you who is closest to your current location and providing directions to get you there.

Find ClientsFind nearby contacts

ContactsMapper helps you identify customers, leads or prospects within reach and easily make that call "I'm in the area how about I drop in for a catch-up". See the FAQ for more details.

Get DirectionsGet directions

ContactsMapper allows you to get directions to your contacts with the touch of one button.

The app syncs with native mapping software to give you the quickest route from your current location.


ContactsMapper is currently available on iOS and Android, with a Windows version on the roadmap.

Simple to use, ContactsMapper will put your customers in your pocket, making customer visits easy.

Setup MeetingsSet up meetings & appointments

ContactsMapper is the perfect companion. With planned extensions for more comprehensive itinerary planning, more filters and tools to help you run your day.


What mobile platforms do you support?

The current version of the application is available for iOS (7.1+) and Android (4.0+). For later releases we also intend to support Windows Phone.

How many contacts can I map?

In the current version of ContactsMapper you can map 1,500 contacts, however we are working on an update that will allow more.

I have a feature request!

Brilliant, we are always looking for ways to improve ContactsMapper. Use the contact form below to let us know what it is.

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